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Diamond Drilling

Tehnofor Star offers a complete surface diamond drilling service with a full range of sizes and capabilities.

Directional Drilling

Tehnofor Star utilizes down hole motors and wedges to steer the hole into the desired direction. Also this technique enables multiple secondary holes to be drilled from the original master hole. This reduces the need to move and re-drill new pilot holes to produce the same result.

Reverse Circulation Drilling

Our team has an extensive knowledge and experience in Reverse Circulation drilling. Using reverse circulation, the sample is returned uncontaminated though the inner pipe to the surface sampling equipment. By utilizing this technique, Tehnofor Star can maximize the geological sample recovery in adverse drilling conditions.

Grade Control Drilling

Grade control drilling is an effective tool in adding value to mineral exploration operations. This is achieved as grade control drilling is carried out in conjunction with ongoing surface and mining operations. It improves efficiencies, enhances the project management of operations and aids the verification that mined ores contain the minerals expected.

Geotechnical Drilling

This technique is utilized to determine soil and rock characteristics for a variety of purposes including construction and soil stabilization. Tehnofor Star utilizes mud rotary and diamond drilling methods to support the work of civil engineers and geologists.


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